About Us

Come on a behind the scenes journey with us and experience firsthand, all of the ups, downs, and dirty drama of building a high level, national company from the ground up. Learn from our losses and successes around real subject matter.

Todd Miller is a graduate from the University of Memphis and started out in the restaurant industry at Stella Restaurant in downtown Memphis. He eventually went into the family office products business for 9 years where he worked his way up as a Director of Sales.

Justin Miller dropped out of college at the age of 20 as a Freshman at Christian Brothers University to work his way up at Lenny’s Sub Shop. Shortly after he moved into the family business of office products where he spent 16 years of his career working his way up to a Director of Sales in the company.

Justin and Todd more recently became founders of Highbar Trading and Hosts of the Justin and Todd Weekly show on www.JustinandTodd.com. They started the Justin and Todd show to display the grit of what it takes to build a startup by sharing and putting themselves out there in real time to show how they are building a company. The content will be deployed through raw video and social channels. This documentation will cover everything from branding, sacrifices, work life balance, asking for money/investments, and the sometimes-sensitive conversations that revolve around tough business decisions. In an order to document their journey they had to start a business which is why Highbar Trading Co. was founded. Highbar Trading is an office products business which is being built as a digital organization using virtual inventory and speedy delivery. Their hope is that they can provide value and guidance around the journey of building a business to college students, home businesses, and startups.

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